Social media

Making social media work

Are you hesitating about making the first real steps in using social media/networking tools for your organisation?  You have heard of Facebook and Twitter of course and may use them personally but how do you make such tools work effectively for an organisation?  Do you want to develop and effective social media strategy?

We help people and organisations make real worthwhile engagement with their communities using social media  tools.  We can help you use social media alongside conventional approaches, for example to promote activities and events.We show you how social media is as much about listening to others as it is about pushing out your own ‘tweets’. Our programme is not about lecturing you on the various tools and what they do but working with you in your place of work to set things up and really get started.

Laurie Edmonds is an experienced library systems trainer and, in 2010, won an award from a national charity for her work on communications and social media. Her approach is unthreatening and fun. She will get you over the transition from thinking about it to actually doing it. If you have been using social media already she can analyse your efforts and help develop an more effective strategy.