Aggregate and amplify. Enhancing the value and use of theses and dissertations.

HELibTech Briefing paper No. 6

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Theses and dissertations (TDs) form a core part of the research outputs of an academic institution. However, they do not usually get the same attention as journal published research. Universities are doing more to make this category of research outputs more easily discoverable to a growing global community of scholars. In this way they increase  visibility for the institution and individual by amplifying the reach to the wider scholarly community.

The paper looks at the value to the author, the institution and the global research community. It analyses the particular value that TD specific aggregations offer in terms of enhancing discovery, text and data mining, making historical works more discoverable through digitisation and preservation. It addresses the contentious issue of embargoes and open access. The paper  presents the case for an aggregated, amplified, global and digitised approach to TDs.

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