More effective libraries - making sense of a confusing landscape….

Change, innovation and strategy….library services platforms, digital content, ebooks, library support for teaching, learning and research, research data, reading list systems, open source, open access, open data, the cloud, innovation, new business models

More effective libraries - improving library technology infrastructure

We have proven and innovative approaches to help deliver a more effective library technology infrastructure including library management system, archives, repositories, and systems to support research and teaching and learning. We work with libraries, businesses and sector bodies

More effective libraries - creating a great user experience

We work with libraries, businesses and sector bodies. We have proven and innovative methodologies to help create a compelling user experience.

Who We Help

We work with businesses, libraries, government agencies, universities, local authorities–indeed anyone with an interest in libraries.

What We Do

Our services enable libraries to deliver improved services and reduce costs through more effective and imaginative use of technology.

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